ABOUT Drains to Bay

Drains to Bay represents an effort to keep the lines open. The hope is for this forum to provide a conduit for communication and a focus for creativity across geographic confines — to keep the storm drains free of the kind of  toxic gunk that can wear on a long-distance relationship, so to speak…

First phase will likely focus on stencils and designs originating in one locational context, i.e., Portland Maine, made manifest is another very different location, i.e., Beijing China.


One Response to “ABOUT Drains to Bay”

  1. Jack Stanley Says:

    Hi there,

    This may be a silly question, but here goes…

    Can I copy one of your Ai Weiwei stencils? Can i use the image? Does copyright come into play here?

    I want to make some t-shirts.

    Thank you for your work, this gesture.


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