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Pacalolo Sticks to Portland

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Friday night down by the sewage plant…

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A Wall in Beijing

Posted in beijing, stencil with tags , on December 15, 2009 by the haulress

We found a wall.  Another wall in Beijing.  Somewhere in the north of the city. It is a free wall apparently, because we weren’t bothered. We copped existing tags, folding the Pacalolo stencil in here and there. The stencil was made from a photograph taken in Beijing. It was first sprayed on a wall in Portland, Maine, now the image returns to Beijing, sprayed here on this wall. We had fun.

ART 草场地 ART 草场地 ART 草场地 ART

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five walls. five walls. five walls five walls five walls like stonehenge.

we were lost, rolling through da shanzi neighborhood, the overly commercialized art district in beijing, trying to find the address, when the bullhorn in the backseat made its way into my hands.  i was timid at first, but grew comfortable quickly, using it to call out to people on the streets, waiting at a bus stop or bicycling along side the car.  i’d call out ridiculous things, banalities, egged on by the others in the car.

excuse me, do you know the time?  so sorry to trouble you, but we’re looking for the artists.  have you eaten yet? we seem to have lost our way.  do you know, where are the artists?  say, what about that obama guy? so where are the artists?  we’ve lost our way.